Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 boston build-up 25k: race report

the boston build-up 25k in silvermine is my favorite of the four races in the winter series. the 2010 edition of the build-up was also the first time in recent memory that i completed all 4 of the races in a given year! normally, because of schedule conflicts, weather, or postponements, i typically miss one of the races (the 15k wins that prize). but taking into consideration the unofficial boston blow-out 30k, i often get in 4 of the "five" events. this time around, the 30k conflicts with the trip down to raleigh for umstead - so i'm back to 4 out out 5 events ;p

this year i had no plans to race the 25k. in fact, the race was the second of two that weekend that i would use as training runs. i had run the colchester half the day before in 1:46:03 (just over an 8 minute pace). that was well off my prior year's time and well off the 1:40 time goal i had started out with (and my readjusted 1:45, as well). i planned to run the 25k at a faster pace. my target was a sub-2:00 finish. at the last 25k i ran, the mhrrc turkey trot in november, i missed a sub-2:00 by just over a minute (2:01:18).

the 25k course lends itself to negative splits because the first half is essentially an uphill climb, and we give back that climb on the way down to the finish in the second half. my basic plan, following that terrain, was to take it easy on the climb up and open it up on the way down. to finish line was moved onto the road to avoid the snow covered trail and bridge to the traditional site on the school field. aside from the a tiny "water" crossing at the 10k mark, the roads were otherwise clear of snow!

despite missing the markers for the second and fourth miles, i stuck to that plan for the first 8 miles, running a 1:02:46, 7:51 pace. except for the water overflowing across the road at 10k, the first half was uneventful. once again i ran the risk of overdressing - with 3 layers. but i took off the top layer, wrapped it around my waist, and ran in two layers from mile 4 onward. i could have taken off the second layer as well, but figured it was easier to just keep it on.

as expected, the second half was a net downhill - we gave back all the elevation gain on the way to the finish. i thoroughly enjoyed myself on this stretch, and did drop the pace as i had hoped would be the case. this is an incredibly scenic course, and one of my favorite landmarks is passing by the legendary silvermine tavern just after the 15 mile mark. aside from all the great memories i have of that place, it also meant less than a half mile to go :D

i finished in 1:59:30, a 7:42 pace, and felt great! while it was almost 3 minutes slower than last year's finish, and well off those sub 1:50 days... it was a great follow-up to the much slower colchester half. the two day 3:45:33 worked out to a 7:54 average pace for the combined 28.6 miles - well under my 8 minute target!

here are my splits:


15:18 23:01

15:33 38:35
8:11 46:46
7:52 54:38
8:07 1:02:46
7:50 1:10:37
7:31 1:18:08
7:24 1:25:33
7:35 1:40:37
7:34 1:48:11
7:36 1:55:48
3:41 1:59:30

7:42 pace

here are some race photos and here are some from the 2009 boston build-up 25k.

next up: caumsett park 50k this weekend.


UltraBrit said...

Great job Frank. I also thoroughly enjoyed running negative splits and passing quite a few people in the last 4 miles or so. Are you sure you only had 3 layers on though?

CTmarathoner said...

awesome finishing photo!! I have to say that the 25K is my favorite race also of the series.!