Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018 Westport Summer Series 8.4M: Race Photos & Results

It was a soggy morning to run a race, much less run a hilly one!  The Westport Summer Series 8.4 Miler is one of my favorite courses.  It's a challenging course (roller coaster like may be an apt description).  But toss in 98% humidity at the start and it becomes more of a survival challenge - ha!

As for the race itself, I went out too fast - realizing by mile 3 that holding an 8 minute pace was wishful thinking!  My 1:10:38 (unofficial), 8:16 pace, was actually about 30 seconds slower than my 2017 finish!  There were a few stray drops of rain during miles 7 and 8.  Having felt like we were running under water most of the course, it was hardly noticeable!

Here are the race results from Westport Road Runners.

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