Thursday, May 26, 2011

celebrating phil mccarthy's american 48-hour run record!

last night we celebrated phil mccarthy's new american record of 257.7 miles during a 48 hour run at mcann's pub on 46th street. phil's mileage total crushed the prior record of 248 miles!! not only were phil's running friends on hand, but his non-running friends and family were also there for the fun. in a well-timed coincidence, the ny daily news ran a feature story on phil in that day's paper! the write-up became the centerpiece of the card we signed to commemorate the evening.

in addition to phil's own fantastic recount of the record setting performance, we were treated to a brief history of the modern 48-hour event by dan brannen (a previous record holder of the event) as an introduction. michael arnstein presented phil with an engraved pendant ("dogtag," as phil called it) after dan's history lesson :D

so what does a newly minted record holder do in the hours after his run? well phil got cleaned up, met up with his music group, and performed with them that very night! amazing!

once again, congratulations phil!!

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