Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 leatherman's loop 10k: race photos and results

this morning was the 25th edition of the leatherman's loop, held in wards pound ridge reservation (westchester county's largest park). it's a grueling 10k run across multiple water crossings, long stretches of mud, and a huge sand dune for good measure! it's a fantastic event! this was my first time running the "loop" - and if today was any indication, i'll be back again and again. i ran a 1:02:38 (which included a rookie mistake - argh)!

emmy, john, and bob won age group awards - and took home pies as prizes! among the runners were caballo blance of "born to run" notariety - and a sighting of christopher meloni of "law and order: svu" (which i report as hearsay, since i didn't see him myself) :D

here is my race report. here are the official results from the leatherman :D


TeeJay said...

Holy cr@p, Kraz is fast!!

Anonymous said...

Listening to your podcast. very nice... those two 11 year old girls were the Nohilly twins. The boy was probably their 13 year old brother Eion. Good genes!