Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 brooklyn half marathon: race photos and results

this morning don and i ran the brooklyn half marathon, with a great assist from pat - who dropped us off at prospect park and picked us up at the finish in coney island. it was great running in the sun, something mia for the last week or so. even the incredible humidity at the start was quickly relieved by the cool breeze along ocean parkway.

it wasn't an incredibly fast race for me, 1:45:55 - just over the 8 minute pace (8:05) that i targeted. but i was happy with it, especially coming off the sugarloaf marathon last weekend. it was race #4 on the road to nine for 2011.

here are the results from nyrr.

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DawnB said...

I believe I did this one last year for the first time, was not a good experience had a tough time, very hot and of course last year wasn,t my best year for running. I really was tempted to do it again just to prove something to myself. You guys look great I hope it wasn't to bad out there today.