Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2018 Waveny Summer XC Series - 2 Person Relay: Race Photos & Results

I love the Waveney XC Series - but getting there after work can be chore.  The drive to New Cannan normally takes me less than 30 minutes - but on a Tuesday night (like tonight), it's more like 40/40+ minutes in rush hour traffic.  But then, on the way home, usually no traffic (again, like tonight) and I make it back in the door in less than 30 minutes.  Okay, my traffic rant is over :O

As for the relay (one of my all-time favorite events), Rob and I teamed up to run the 3x 1 Mile repeats.  I got to be the anchor (which gave Rob great opportunity to have beer waiting at the finish line!) leg of our team.  We finished the 6 miles in 43:53, for a combined 7:19 pace.  I didn't wear a watch/carry my phone, so didn't have my splits.  Luckily, Rob was able to breakout out times from his GPS - 22:08/21:45.  But, interestingly, his GPS measured the course at 1.04 miles (a bit long)!

That was a reversal from the short (very) 5K at Westport on Saturday.  Still, a 21:45 worked out to a 7:15 pace, slightly slower than my 5K pace Saturday - but right in line w/the cross country terrain.

Only a couple of pictures this time around - some of which I "borrowed" (such as Francoise modeling this Summer's hot pink tee shirt for AG winners!)

Next up - the Taconic Beer Mile tomorrow night!

Here are the official results from ClubCt.

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