Sunday, July 29, 2018

2018 Escarpment Trail Run - Quick Recap

Quick Recap of today's Escarpment Trail Run - 5:08:03!  That was a solid 16 minutes faster than my last Escarpment 5:24:19 (2016) - and, in more amazing news, a PR for me!  It shaved off 15+ minutes from my old 5:23:30 (2006) personal best over the course!  At my age, any PR is a reason to celebrate - ha!  But this one is especially sweet ;D

Maybe it was the perfect weather?  Maybe it was going into the race with zero expectations (or nearly so, I was hoping to finish in 5:30 - or at a minimum, re-qualify for next year).  Whatever the reason(s) - I'll take it :D

Here is my race report.

Here are the official race results from the Albany Running Exchange.

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