Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2018 Taconic Road Runners' Beer Mile

I love one mile races - and I lover beer.  My fellow mile/beer lovers lined up for the always awesome Taconic Road Runner's Beer Mile (which tonight also included what appeared to be wine coolers and/or hard ciders)! 

Last year I couldn't run it because the date conflicted with my summer session class.  But back in 2016 I managed to run a solid 8:35 - something not to be repeated this time around.  Four beers, high humidity, and slightly older runner... I eked out a 9:30 finish :O

Addendum:  According to Strava, my moving time was exactly 6:59 - which meant that 2:30+ was "drinking" time.  Well, of that drinking time, practically an entire minute was devoted to beer #4 - haha!

Another highlight of this event is that it's held in conjunction with our Club's monthly meeting.  So after the running/drinking we climbed up the hill to the Gazebo for the results/meeting/food - and, it should go w/out saying, a bit more drinking :D

Here are the official results from the Taconic RR.

Here's the link to the Taconic Race Photos!

An impressive array of fluids nicely lined up at the start!


A bucolic venue for the meeting :D

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