Wednesday, April 1, 2015

april 2015 race schedule

my april kicked off with a car covered in frost this morning - and the hassle of scraping it off before driving to the station!  so much for the arrival of spring - and we had snow flurries last night, as if the cold mornings aren't enough :(

as for races - hopefully things will warm up in time for the Scotland run 10k this weekend.  it's a team race, and will be nyrr race #3 for me this year. forecast seems to point to a wet morning.  if it wasn't a team race (and, more importantly, i didn't need the 9+1 point), i'd rather do the bunny boogie in darien :D

the following weekend with be the second off-race race in as many weeks - the vctc's urban environmental challenge 10k.  it's a fantastic event - and, thankfully, the water crossing isn't as wide as mudders & grunters! also, we'll celebrate our deferred easter that afternoon (since katie can't make it back this weekend, for easter proper).

the next weekend is a local affair - the scardale 15k.  it's a surprise date, landing in the midst of boston marathon weekend.  it's typically held the last weekend of march or first weekend of april.  it's a tough - e.g. hilly - course.  sometimes i opt for the 4 miler, instead :O

the longest race of the month, the sybil ludington 50k, rounds out the month.  i've run this one many times (it was my very first ultra) and it's one of my all-time favorite events.  even so, i really don't like having to battle traffic on certain stretches of the course.  in the end, the post-race festivities (food) make the trek well worth it :D

and, if there's anything left in the tank, will line up for the nyrr run as one 4 miler the next morning.  that's mainly a recovery run, with the bonus of collecting race #4 of my 9+1.  if i wasn't running sybil this year, the leatherman's loop would be the highlight of the weekend!

here's how it looks so far:

4/4 - nyrr scotland run 10k
4/12 - vctc urban environmental challenge 10k
4/19 - scardale 15k
4/25 - sybil Ludington 50k
4/26 - nyrr run as one 4m

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello :D

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