Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 mudders & grunters 5 miler: race photos & results

this edition of the taconic rr's mudders & grunters 5 miler was cold - so cold that most of the mud was in the form of ice (though there was still plenty of actual mud to slog thru)!  the main water crossing was especially brisk :D

finishers were greeted with a space blanket and a roaring fire back at the concession area.  a number of runners decided to toss out their trail shoes instead of cleaning off all the muck!  to add an easter-like flair to the festivities, pink cookies were given out as age group awards :D

my 57:15 finish was well off my 50 minute target.  but given all the ice out there, better to take it slow and finish in one piece.  though my hands did get pretty trashed from all the thickets.  at one point the glove was ripped off my hand - and i had to retrace my footsteps to free it from the bramble bush that had seized it!

here are the race results from taconic rrc.

herfe are the rest of my photos up on facebook.

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