Thursday, March 12, 2015

happy birthday jack kerouac - 93 years old today in heaven :D

jack kerouac was born 93 years ago today, on march 12, 1922, in lowell, massachusetts.  he died in 1969, at the tragically young age of 47 - from the ravages of alcoholism.  i'm a big fan of kerouac - and the beats in general.  the latest bit of beat news is the discovery of the long considered lost joan anderson letter in november - and the seemingly inevitable litigation that ensued over its ownership.

i've done a few posts about that, so won't bother to repeat the details here.  suffice it to say, regardless of the ownership outcome, hopefully the remaining - unpublished pages - will finally find their way into print.  for those that remember, the partially published letter served as the basis for the film, "the last time i committed suicide."  more significantly, however, kerouac has always claimed that the joan Anderson letter was the impetus that freed up his writing style - and resulted in "on the road."

anyway, aside from the day to day details of planet earth - happy birthday in heaven jack!

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