Friday, January 30, 2015

lawsuit commenced against estates of kerouac and cassidy over title to joan anderson letter

last week jean spinosa, the woman who discovered the long lost joan anderson letter, filed suit against the estates and heirs of jack kerouac and neal Cassidy to judicially determine title (who owns the letter and contents thereof).  according to the report in courthouse new service, in addition to the letter itself (18 pages), there is also an additional page (the 19th) not part of the letter, per se, but contains material written by cassady where he "separately details the loss of his virginity and other sexual encounters[!]"

the lawsuit seeks to resolve claims between spinosa and someone who has alleged he is entitled to a portion of the proceeds from the auction of the letter, pursuant to an agreement that they made.  he alleges that he is entitled to one half of the proceeds from the sale.  spinosa denies there was any agreement and that he is entitled to any proceeds from the sale.

stay tuned.  i'll update this when the defendants submit their answers to the complaint.


Michael McQuate said...

I'm the guy that found the Joan Anderson Letter. The cross compliant will be filed today in L.A. County court, the Cassady's have already responded. Just FYI. Mike McQ.

rundangerously said...

Hi Michael. Glad to hear from you. There really hasn't been any news, one way or the other, on the status of the Joan Anderson letter since the lawsuit was filed back in January! Good luck with your efforts!

Michael McQuate said...

The status of The Joan Anderson Letter is a complicated mess at this point. We tried to reach a deal with Spinosa but she has adamantly refused to offer dime one to me, and she changed the facts of how the Letter was discovered to attempt to remove me as much as possible from story. There may be a deal to auction the Letter soon, but it's possible that we are going to have to go to trial with Spinosa.