Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 nyrr joe kleinerman 10k: race photos & results

i didn't take many photo's yesterday morning at the joe kleinerman 10k because at 17 degrees and a wind chill in the single digits... way more concerned with keeping warm, getting the race done, and getting back home!  as it was, i could hardly drag myself out of bed for the 8 am start.  what motivated me was a facebook post from one of my friends that he was heading down to the park - talk about peer pressure!

despite the harried start - i literally ran from baggage check to the start, getting into my corral during the national anthem! - i had a pretty good race.  ran a 46:10, 7:26 pace. which proves my unscientific theory that you get better result the colder the weather because of the built in self-preservation instinct to get it over as quick as possible kicks in and makes you run faster!  a weather triggered fight or flight instinct, if you will ;O

here are the race results from nyrr.

next up is the boston buildup 15k next weekend, in ridgefield.

here are the rest of my photos up on facebook.

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