Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 broadway ultra society 3 hour run & grand prix awards brunch

it was a challenge to run in sub-zero wind chills this morning - especially when the race was a 3 hour run!  it was a great locale, hendrickson park in valley stream - which featured a 1.453 mile loop around a lake and small stream.  the last time i ran here was the 6 hour version of this very event, which also preceded the grand prix awards brunch (that one is in slightly warmer conditions).

it was so cold that after taking off my mittens to tie my right sneaker during the third loop my hand almost frozen in the two minutes.  as a results, when my left sneaker laces became untied, i couldn't bear the thought of taking off my gloves again - and as a result ran with it untied for 10+ miles (the lesser of two evils). seriously!

when all was said and done i managed to finish just under 14 loops - for 20.2 miles. that worked out to an 8:55 pace for the 3 hours.  i was more than pleased with that outcome - somewhat shocked actually.  my reach goal, under the weather conditions we faced, was 30k.  but i would have been just as glad to knock off 15 miles and head inside for some warmth!  i still don't know how i managed to stay out there for the full 3 hours :O

i finished 8th overall and 2nd in my ag - but age group awards only went to 1st place finishers - so no race hardware.  still, the real reward was the post race pizza!  and cake!

here are the race results from ny ultarunning.

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