Tuesday, January 6, 2015

trip to ann arbor, via clarion :O

it was an interesting 72 hour road trip to ann arbor this weekend.  in what typically is a 10 hour drive, the weather conditions driving out to michigan on saturday were so lousy that we had to stop over in clarion, pa (with 4+ of hours driving to go).  in a rambling succession of snow, sleet, rain, fog and dreary darkness, we opted to finish the drive sunday morning.

sunday afternoon in ann arbor (after an easy drive) was spent moving katie into her new apartment for the spring semester.  the first two trips from her old place were pretty straightforward - then the snow arrived.  the third and final trip to get her settled into the new place was a bit challenging given the single degree weather and snow.  but when it was all said and done, we went over to the blue tractor for dinner :D

on downside to the trip was having to miss the kick-off 2015 boston build-up, the 10k in norwalk.  last year it turned into an icy adventure race - this year it would revert back to a regular road race.  but a 10k is on deck for this weekend, in central park.  the joe kleinerman 10k will be my first nyrr race of the year. 

the drive back home, sans katie, was uneventful (mostly sunny and dry!) - and less than 10 hours after we left her, we pulled back into our driveway - home!  hard to believe that the winter break went by so quickly.  katie probably won't be back home again until the summer :(

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