Friday, March 20, 2015

happy 2015 spring equinox - snow & all :D

spring officially arrives at 6:45 pm tonight here in new york - right in the middle of a forecasted patch of snow!  it's hard to believe how gnarly a grip winter has had on the east coast - and the especially brutal february cold and snow we've had to slog through.  and here, on the first day of spring, winter refuses to give up the ghost!  the weather forecast is for anywhere between 2-4 inches of snow today, arriving around lunch and done by the end of the day.  with any luck, it'll all be melted away by tomorrow :D

today marks the point where daylight and darkness are approximately equal in length.  going forward we'll get increasingly more daylight - until we reach the summer solstice in june, and the process reverses.  hopefully, the increasingly longer days will be warmer!

happy 2015 spring equinox :D

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