Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 vctc urban enviro 10k: race photos & resutls

it was a perfect spring day to run in van cortland park - the urban environmental challenge (shortened to the urban enviro) 10k.  it was a day to forget how long winter held on for, refusing to recede in favor of spring!  interestingly, it had warmed up enough to dry out the course - no water crossings, and practically no mud! 

as for the race itself, it's a double loop course - with two different trail systems run over the course of the loops.  this race is a great way to run on either side of the main route through the back hills!  it's a hilly and challenging tour of the park.

as for my race, the hills took their toll by mile 4, and had to walk a few yards to crest two hills on the way to the finish.  that was slightly dispiriting.  still, my 51:49, 8:21 pace, was almost a solid 4 minutes faster than my 2013 finish (55:42).  i missed my sub 50 minute target by a wide margin, but was more than pleased that it was good enough for 5th in my age group :D 

here are the race result from van cortlandt track club.

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