Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 nyrr run as one 4 miler: race photos & results

the nyrr run as one 4 miler was race number 4 on the road to my 9+1 for the 2016 nyc marathon. great weather for it, although i was mildly underdressed on the commute in to central park - packed light, as they say.  despite the early chill, i warmed up by the 2nd mile.

my 29:04, 7:16 pace, was just over my 29 minute target - argh!  i will say, however, it took 40+ seconds to cross the start mat - and the crowded first mile (at 7:30, easily the slowest mile of the bunch) - probably accounted for those 4 seconds ;O

but i'll take it - and the great running weather too!

here are the official race results from nyrr.

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