Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 new haven road race 20k: race photos & results


we had some tough running conditions for the 20k this morning - basically a repeat of the hot and humid conditions from 2013.  it was 72 degrees when i got up, 77 when i pulled into new haven, and already into the 80's as we lined up for the start!

given the heat and humidity my sub-8 minute pace goal wasn't realistic.  as it turned out, a sub 8:30 pace wasn't in the cards.  i wound up duplicating my 2013 finish w/a 1:46:44, an 8:36 pace.  i was actually on a sub 8:30 pace for the first 9 miles, but the heat did me in over the last 5k.

still, i was happy to get it done - and my first stop after crossing the finish was the ufo beer booth for a ufo wheat!

here are the 20k race results from jb sports.

here are the rest of my photos up on facebook.


john krasniewicz said...

great job in the heat---had to miss N.H. due to visiting family. ran 18 on sunday in the heat and humidity---wiped me out!!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your blog! Thanks for coming out! We'll see you next year- JB Sports Team