Tuesday, September 23, 2014

happy autumnal equinox - 2014!

or just plain "happy autumn!"

here, on the east coast, the autumnal equinox arrived last night at 10:29 pm - which is 2:29 am this morning, greenwich mean time.  while we could claim yesterday as the first day of fall, the dramatic overnight drop in temperature pretty clearly sides with today as the official start!

it's one of only two days during the year (along with the spring equinox in march) that has the number of daylight hours equal to the number of nighttime ones.  but in contrast to the spring, each new day going forward will have fewer minutes of daylight until we reach the winter solstice in december - the shortest day of the year.

so get out there and enjoy that little bit of chill in the air :D

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A Plain Observer said...

This is the time of the year I dislike the most, running aside. Running is best for me in these temperatures. However, I dislike losing a minute of light a day. It's like a prelude of something dark and cold. It is not until December 21 (approx) when I feel we are in it, no longer in a prelude; winter is here and now there will be an end to it.

I know, I am weird.