Saturday, February 2, 2013

groundhog day 2013

it was difficult to believe punxsutawney phil's prognostication that we'd have an early spring this year when he didn't see his shadow -  when i crawled out of bed to a real feel temperature of nine degrees this morning!  nor was his forecast any easier to believe when it was bolstered by erstwhile nyc colleague staten island chuck's similar pronouncement.

but, heading out to long island for some prognosticating reality, malverne mel came out of his hut this morning and saw his shadow. and, as one smart groundhog, he immediately retreated to his hut and bundled up for another six weeks of winter!  even though mel is in the minority this time around, i think he got it right - unfortunately for us :(

and, since it is groundhog day... celebrate by watching bill murry in "groundhog day" - as if we haven't already seen it dozens of time :O

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