Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 boston buildup 20k: race photos and results

the rescheduled boston buildup 20k was held in fairfield this morning. it was cold, but that alone wasn't really a factor.  the wind, on the other hand, was unrelenting.  after we took a sharp right out of the high school driveway we confronted a headwind that just wouldn't stop - literally - for the first few miles.  even when it abated, it didn't last long.  my takeaway from the race was a sense of running into a headwind every step of the way - and that's saying something on an out and back course!

even so, i had a pretty good race.  my 1:42:28, 8:15 pace, was a lot slower than the 1:34:01 i ran last year.  it was even well off my 1:40 target.  but, given my low mileage i've run over the last month, i was more than happy to run the course without have to walk the hills (or any portion of the course, for that matter)!

here are the race results from clubct.


i posted more photos on facebook.

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