Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 stratford sweetheart run 4 miler: race photos and results

the sweetheart run was postponed two weeks from its original date because of a small blizzard that swept across new england.  with the snow forecast for this weekend, it almost seemed like another postponement was in the air.  luckily not only did the snow hold off, so did the rain!  aside from some humidity, it was actually great racing weather!

unfortunately for me, i wasn't 100% for this one.  i spent thursday recovering from a nasty bout w/food poisoning.  even so, i was determined to line up and have a good race. while i didn't hit my target of a sub-30 this time around, i was more than pleased with my 30:47, 7:42 pace.

that time, combined w/emmy's, was enough for us to win our 100-110 age group! we actually ran 30 seconds better than our combined time at the race last year :D

here are the race results from hi-tek racing.

a few more photos posted on facebook.

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