Sunday, February 10, 2013

blizzard reshuffles weekend race schedule :O

the blizzard that swept across most of new england on friday,into saturday, swept away the pair of road races on the calendar for this weekend: the stratford sweetheart run and the boston buildup 20k.  on thursday, the sweetheart run was actually pushed back until sunday morning - somewhat optimistically as it turned out.  on friday morning, the buildup was rescheduled for the following sunday (2/17). 

when all the snow finally stopped saturday morning, we had 20+ inches in town!  it was much worse in connecticut, with the governor shutting down the roads that morning!  ironically, w/no traffic on the roads it would have been a great time to have a race - if anyone could actually reach the start line.  that morning, the rescheduled sweetheart run was again postponed - this time for two weeks, until saturday 2/23.

the new date for the buildup conflicts w/the hmrrc albany winter marathon.  that's a tough choice, but since i had planned to register race day, i'll probably skip the trip to albany and head over to fairfield for the 20k;  as for the sweetheart run, it conflicts w/the colchester half marathon.  that's a much tougher dilemma because i really enjoy the half itself and the post-race food afterwards.  right now the sweetheart run has the slight edge (and, maybe the lake waramaug polar bear run the following day).

decisions, decisions!  and here i thought that punxsutawney phil forecast an early spring was just around the corner :O

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Sheri said...

Never trust a groundhog to predict the weather - they're not as smart as they look.