Monday, December 24, 2012

jack klugman: r.i.p.

jack klugman died today - he was 90 years old.  for those of a certain generation he will forever be know as his t.v. alter ego - oscar madison - of the "odd couple" sitcom (and some may also see him as "quincy").  klugman's oscar madison, together with tony randall's felix unger, are ever present characters in the memories of my t.v. viewing past.

jack klugman's career was much bigger than the odd couple (though he did play oscar on stage before the t.v. series) - a role for which he won 2 of his 3 emmy awards.  he also had a long run with "quincy m.e." that ran from the late 70' into the early 1980's.  klugman had a pretty illustrious number of stage credits. there was also one non-comedic movie role he will forever be associated with - one of the "twelve angry men."  in fact, jack klugman was the last surviving actor of the 12 members of the jury from that film.

however you remember him, rest in peace jack klugman.

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