Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 norfolk pub 10 miler: race photos and results

this was my 5th consecutive norfolk pub 10 miler.  it was some of the best running weather we've had for the race in recent years.  but somehow i managed to be incredibly overdressed - not only could i have done w/out the windbreaker - but i should have gone w/shorts instead of tights.  even so, i had a pretty good run. 

i've run this course between 1:15 and 1:25 - w/a 1:19 finish last year.  this time around i was hoping to finish in 1:25 (coming off the roxbury marathon last weekend, my legs still felt pretty beat up).  the 1:23:18 was well under my target - and lead to the regrets on overdressing.  i may have shaved off a minute or so w/out the extra weight and heat.  even so, it was fun.

and the best part was tradinng in bib tags for beer at the pub!  i had a pint (or two) city steam naughty nurse :D

here are the race results from greystone racing.

here are the rest of my photos on facebook.

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