Friday, December 21, 2012

happy 2012 winter solstice :D

happy winter solstice

winter officially arrived at 6:12 this morning here on the east coast.  with all the rain and wind, it was anything but winter like.  when the rain finally does pass through later today however, we'll see a drop in temperature just in time for the weekend.  thankfully, it's warm enough outside for rain.  the alternative would have brought quite a different day if it was cold enough for snow... and all the shovelling that comes along with it!

i love the winter solstice because it brings to an end the march of increasingly shorter, darker days.  i don't like winter, however.  it's my least favorite season to run in.  but now - despite the cold weather that comes along with it - we can welcome the return of longer days and the daylight :D

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