Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 join the voices 5 miler

this is a somewhat belated post on the join the voices 5 miler that i ran on sunday.  for a last minute addition to my race plans, i was very pleased with the 36:20, 7:18 pace, result.  i was sure that the nyc marathon would have been my ninth and final nyrr race of the year.  but since the nyrr have yet to post "mq" on the runners race history - as is typical when a scored race is cancelled - i figured why not run this one.  join the voices was the last team race of the season - and we had our trrc brunch afterwards at the rambling house.

now, with the 2012 nine + one completed, my 2013 nyc marathon guaranteed entry is taken care of - regardless of the 2012 marathon fallout.  still, like everyone else i'm anxious to see what announcement the nyrr will make.

as for the race itself, i was surprised it hadn't filled.  normally december nyrr are packed w/runners trying to finish up their nine races.  even so, the park was packed - maybe because it included a walk and a kids run in addition to the 5 miler.  my goal was 37:30 -  a 7:30 pace.  i ran just under a 7:40 pace at the gateway gobbler 6 miler on thanksgiving.  but that turned out to be a soft target.  even with the crowded start i managed a 7:07 first mile - and my slowest mile (4), was just just over my goal pace of 7:30 (7:33).  not too shabby :D

here is a link to the handful of photos i took that morning.

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