Thursday, December 20, 2012

cancelled 2012 nyc marathon options: i'll opt for refund

this morning the nyrr announced that it would offer refunds to the runners in the cancelled 2012 nyc marathon.  runners can skip the refund and get guaranteed entry into the nyc marathon for 2013, 2014, or 2015.  and, in an interesting twist, can skip the refund and opt for guaranteed entry into the nyc half marathon.  unfortunately, the guaranteed entry option requires runners to pay a new entry fee for the race.

for me, the refund option is a no-brainer.  with guaranteed entry via the 9 +1 program, the refund will basically offset my entry fee for the 2013 marathon.  i suspect most people w/guaranteed entry for 2013 (apart from the cancellation option) will chose the refund.  i'm sure there are plenty of people without otherwise guaranteed entry that will forego the refund and take a spot in the 2013 (or 14/15) marathon.  it's no different than someone who deferred her 2012 entry prior to the race (an injury, for example), and now has to pay the 2013 entry fees.

but there is no earthly tha way i'd pass up a refund for guaranteed entry into the nyc half (even w/guaranteed entry into the marathon) - because it would result one of the most expensive entry fees for a half marahon on earth (when you add the foregone refund to the half entry fee)!  that's too rich for my blood :O

here is the official nyrr statement.

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HambletonianMarathon said...

I hear the Hambletonian Marathon calling your name, Oct 20, 2013....