Sunday, February 5, 2012

"the game of kings" medieval ivory chessmen exhibit at the cloisers

yesterday, after the manhattan hot chocolate 10k in riverside park, i finally had a chance to get over to the cloisters for the "game of kings" exhibit! i've been wanting to see the medieval chessman since i read about them in the ny times article, way back in november. as a huge fan of chess - the game and almost anything about it - it was great to get a peek back into time and see how others viewed the game.

there really couldn't be a more perfect setting to view the 34 chessmen (know as the lewis chessmen) on loan from the british musuem, than the cloisters.  medieval chess in a castle setting, can't be beaten :D  even the story of how the cache of chessmen was discovered by a farmer on the isle of lewis in 1831 adds luster to the exhibit and its setting.

the exibit continues through april 22 - if you're a chess fan, don't miss it :D

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