Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 boston build-up 20k: race report

this almost become a belated race report. i started it on sunday afternoon, w/the details still fresh - and somehow it friday morning when i finally got around finishing it up!  the biggest difference  in the 2012 edition of the boston build-up 20k was the new location.  the start/finish was moved from southport to fairfield, one exit on i-95.  but despite relocation, the bulk of the course remained the same - which is to say, grueling and challenging!

that said, this version seemed a bit easier than the original layout.  maybe it was psychological, but the miles to and from the fairfield train station may have been a bit tamer.  as in 20k's past, the west point running (marathon) team had a strong turnout.  and there were plenty of familiar faces in the field: don, roy, brian, tom, bob h., ted, karen, rob i,, evan, neal, andi, dan, joe, ronnie, bob g., jeanette, dawn, and marty - to name just a few.  kate was there and took pictures.  tony was there and did post-race massage.

this was by far the coldest of the three 2012 boston build-up races.  i had on 3 loose fitting shirts and a vest.  it seemed like a recipe for serious overheating.  but when all was said and done, the wind kept me from feeling overdressed - at least for the first 10-12 miles.  i wore mittens over my gloves and kept them on until i reached 10 miles!  despite all the layers, i don't think my race performance suffered too much as a consequence.

i had a relatively straightforward objective - a sub 1:40 finish.  i wanted to run a pair of 50 minute 10k's and redeem my poor 2011 finish (1:43:20, an 8:19 pace).  as it turned out i had a great race, and ran negative splits.  my first 10k clocked in at 47:48, a 7:41 pace.  that included a bit of walking to reach the crest of the big hill in mile 5.  the second 10k had no walk breaks.  i ran a 46:13, 7:26 pace, for the second half.  that was a minute and a half faster than the first 10k. 

overall, my 1:34:01, 7:34 pace, finish (my watch had 1:33:57, unofficially), was my best boston build-up since 2007 - when i ran a 1:33:59 :D  but that 2007 race was a far cry from the year earlier when i ran a 1:25:40, 6:54 pace, in 2006 :O  ah, those were the good old days!

here are my race photos.

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Dropped a link to your blog on mine today. I love all these pics.