Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy winter solstice - 2011 :D

happy winter solstice! winter officially arrived at 12:30 this morning here on the east coast - and today is our shortest day of the year. it doesn't seem like winter. except for a handful of cold weekends, we've had a great run of above average temperatures for the last month or so. and it's probably a good bet no white christmas is in the cards for us this weekend.

i'm not keen about the arrival of winter - it's my least favorite season - and the frigid weather it will ultimately bring.  running during the cold weather months is hardly my idea fun - especially when temperatures dip into the teens and below.  but, run we must!  on the positive side, surviving winter gets us to spring :D


Laura said...

Frank, are you planning to come out for the Christmas Marathon this year? Happy winter running!

rundangerously said...

definitely, laura! haven't run at tibbets brook park in years, but will head over there after we open xmas presents :D if i don't see you, have a great xmas!