Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 running year in review

another year in the books! seems like they keep getting shorter (faster?) because i've barely gotten used to the notion of 2011 and now 2012 has arrived - in the middle of a nice warm spell! in terms of running, 2011 has been mixed bag. i seriously missed my mileage target of at least 2,400 (a 200 mile per month average) with just over 2,230 miles (2,232.1). that total was more than 300 fewer miles than i've averaged for at least the last three consecutive years - 2,500+ (since i've began tallying the statistics).

the big drop off was in the second half of the year - a peak of 260 miles in july dropped down to 138 in august and then 127 in september. aside from the business travel (mexico and malaysia in september, then france in october), i really can't pinpoint a specific reason for the lower mileage. it wasn't until this month that my mileage crept back above 200 (204.1). i hope 2012 see a return to my old mileage levels.

on the race side, i actually ran 2 more races in 2011 than i did in 2010 (59 versus 57). the mix between marathons/ultras and shorter distances was pretty much unchanged. i ran 13 marathon/ultras in 2011 versus a total of 16 in 2010. my 2011 ultras (6), represent are half the number i ran last year, while marathons (7) just about doubled the 2010 total (4).

here are the 2011 racing stats:

59 races
783.5 race miles

ultras: 6
marathons: 7

15k-30k: 15
1-9 miles: 31

my most frequently raced distance in 2011 was a tie between marathons and 10ks, with 7 each. second place, with 6 each, was a tie between half marathons and 5 milers. the "first night danbury 5k" this afternoon, closed out the year on a high point, with 20:47, 6:42 pace :D

the low point of the running year came when the nyrr announced it would no longer honor runners who had completed 15 nyc marathons with a future of guaranteed entries. i don't want to end this post with negative karma, so i'll let that action speak for itself.

here's to hoping that everyone has a great 2012 - happy new year!

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