Thursday, December 1, 2011

december 2011 race schedule

it looks like december will be a month of short distance races, topping out with the norfolk pub 10 miler. i had planned to run the roxbury marathon on the 10th, only to discover to my chagrin that not only was the race itself full (130 runners) but the waiting list was also closed (50 more runners w/fingers crossed)! wow!

while roxbury had been on my to do list for years, it was never an event that "sold out" - since it was basically a low key, local affair. be that as it may, i'll run the pete mcardle xc 15k in van cortlandt park that weekend - which itself is a plan b race because the taconic couples relay isn't being held this year!

so it seems that the only constant on the december schedule is the norfolk pub 10 miler - one of my all-time favorite races.  it's a haul to drive up to norfolk (the "icebox" of ct), and face a challenging (read, hilly) 10 mile course - but the post-race festivities at the pub are worth it (including a free beer w/you bib tag) :D  the following day, it's back to ct again for a holiday 5k in fairfield - another great local event.

on christmas day i may try to sneak down to van cortlandt park for the holiday races.  last year i couldn't, but there may be room to squeeze in a 10k before settling in to cook our christmas day dinner :D

here's how it looks so far:

12/11 - pete mcardle xc15k
12/17 - norfolk pub 10 miler
12/18 - christmas holiday run 5k
12/25 - christmas day 10k

as always, if you're at any of them, say hello!

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