Tuesday, January 25, 2011

spring semester underway...

it's been a busy last few days. i returned home from singapore on saturday night, via connecting flight in hong kong. the jet lag wasn't too bad - but i did sleep for 10+ hours! woke up late sunday morning and went out for a 6 mile run. it felt great to be home again! although i can't say i missed the weather one bit. aside from jet game, sunday was a day to ease back into familiar routines.

then, as if winter break had sped by in a nanosecond, monday morning kicked off with the start of spring semester (simultaneous with a temperature drop into the single digits)! i'm teaching a pair of fun (relatively speaking) classes: corporate tax and business law. i generally teach tax classes every semester. but i haven't taught business law in a number of years - that one i'm really looking forward to.

thanks to the frigid weather yesterday, i skipped running (wimped out is more accurate). a rebound into the high 20's made today's 6 miles seem balmy! this may turn into a low mileage week because the ted corbitt run around manhattan 34 miler is saturday. and the postponed boston build-up 15k is on deck for sunday morning in ridgefield. should be a great running weekend!

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