Sunday, January 2, 2011

january 2011 race schedule

i'm a bit late in posting the january schedule. that has as much to do with uncertainty as procrastination. i have another business trip planned for this month (singapore), and it pretty much eliminates two weekends in the middle of the month from the race calendar (i could do one on saturday, january 15, if i could find one). and, in a reprise of last year, i'd like to do the ted corbitt "run around manhattan" 50k the last weekend of january (but nothing posted about it yet).

but, there are a couple of sure bets - one of which, the "new years day (half) marathon" at van cortlandt park, took place yesterday :D

1/1 - new year's (half) marathon
1/8 - mhrrc "recover from the holidays" 50k
1/9 - boston build-up 10k
1/30(??) - ted corbitt "run around manhattan" 50k

i ran the mhrrc fa 50k a few year ago - so it'll be fun heading back there to run that one again next weekend. the boston build-up series is an annual fixture on my race calendar. the kick-off 10k is sunday. but i won't be back in time for the second race, the 15k in ridgefield. nor will i be around that weekend for the manhattan half marathon - another perennial on my winter race schedule.

even so, it should be a fun month of racing. and, who knows, maybe a few unexpected events will pop up here and there?

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

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