Friday, January 21, 2011

flying back today, via hong kong

our group finished up just after 5:30 yesterday. instead of going out, i went to the gym, then called it an early night after i packed up for today's trip home. when i woke up this morning i saw the email from jim: the bb 15k is postponed because of cold and icy conditions! wow! i really hadn't paid too much attention to the weather at home (but did get two emails from katie's school announcing delayed starts).

weather aside, the trip home (via the pacific route) will complete a round the globe circumnavigation for me - that's a first (thanks to last week's flight cancellation and rerouting me to singapore via british airways/heathrow instead of nyc - hong kong)! i wouldn't wish that trip on anyone! hopefully, this direction will cut my travel time by a third!!

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Laura said...

Welcome home! Hope you've recovered from your jet lag by now.