Tuesday, January 18, 2011

indochine waterfront restaurant and brewerkz singapore :D

after a quick shower, i spent the afternoon asleep - and did a good job knocking off some of the jet lag. i was up at 7 and down in the lobby by 7:45 to meet my friends for dinner. in between, i called the airline, only to discover the flight bringing over my baggage was 30-40 minutes behind schedule. never fear, they promised my bag would be at the hotel by 9:30 or so.

while i was worried, i wasn't going to let it bug me too much. we took a cab down to the clarke quay at riverside. after window shopping most of the restaurants along the waterfront (they overruled my initial impulse to eat at one of the brewpubs) - we opted for the indochine waterfront restaurant. it was a good choice.

i kicked off my first drink in singapore with - what else - a singapore sling. it wasn't a raffle's singapore sling (that may come later in the week). but had to go with the namesake concoction at least once this trip. for dinner i had a spicy green papaya salad followed by soft shell crabs - both were excellent.

after dinner we walked over the footbridge to brewerkz - a place that is remarkably similar in style and ambiance to boston beerworks! andy and i each had a 4 variety sampler. my choices included darkside lager, black rabbit, smokey the beer, and oatmeal stout. the oatmeal stout was easily my favorite of the bunch, with the smoked porter a close second.

in a rare moment i forgot to bring my camera along. the above photo of me at brewerkz is courtesy of marty (who had her camera and took some great pictures).

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TeeJay said...

Smokey the Beer; who the heck in Singapore would think of a name like that for a beer! Too funny. ;)