Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the pony: a hell's kitchen craft beer bar

i heard about the pony bar last summer, when i was at a beer tasting at jimmy's 43. i finally had an opportunity to check it out this afternoon, when todd and i went over to hell's kitchen and sampled some of their draft selections. it was definitely worth the hike over to 10th avenue and 45th street (i walked there from 42nd and 7th) because what they had some pretty incredible beers on tap.

i started with a left hand "fade to black" dark seasonal beer that packed a solid 8.5% abv. and todd kicked off with an avery "collaboration not litigation" ale with an 8.7 abv. - both solid dark ales perfect for winter. my second choice was a goose island bourbon county stout - which, at 13% abv, could have easily been a barley wine! instead, it had a fantastic toasted espresso flavor, and the high alcohol content was barely noted in the taste. todd went with a north coast "old #38 stout" for his second round.

aside from the beer, we talked about running - mostly. we're both lining up for boston again (although plenty of races to run before april). back in 2008, todd and i ran the first half of boston together - i lost him when he stopped to collect some kisses at wellesley! still, that didn't stop him from finishing ahead of me, when all said and done :D hopefully we'll get to run some of the 2011 edition together.

but the bigger news, todd is coming over to the dark side. a couple of weeks after boston he'll run his first ultra - the north face endurance challenge 50k at bear mountain. and i doubt he could have chosen a tougher trail 50k to tackle as his first ultra! no doubt that he's going to have a blast out there!

now the question is - what should be the next craft beer bar we check out?


TeeJay said...

Yep, I will come to know Darth Vader in early May. Fun stuff! We'll surely drink many more craft beers between now and then. ;)

Laura said...

I LOVE Pony Bar. Other places you should hit (though I'd bet you've been to most of them): Rattle N Hum, Ginger Man, Hop Devil Grill, The Belgian Room, Barcade, BXL Cafe, Amsterdam Ale House, Dive 75 (though they have more mainstream craft beers), B Cafe West, 123 Old Rabbit Club.

TeeJay said...

Laura, you should join Frank and I for the next excursion. Maybe we can run to whatever bar we choose. Frank and I talked about a couple of the places you mentioned in your comment, but one place I mentioned to Frank was the Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd. Great beer choices there. See you on the roads and/or in the pub. :)