Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Sarah Bishop Bushwhack Trail Run


This was my first time running the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack which, I believe, was the 6th edition of the trail race.  It literally is up the road from Wards Pound Ridge Reservation, home of the Leatherman's Loop.  It's also part of the 7 race "trail mix" series (of which, I've now run all (except one), at least once). 

The race takes its name from an actual person, who lived in a cave, self-sufficiently, for about 30 years during the early part of the 19th century.  A precursor of sorts to the wanderings of the Leatherman himself!

As for the race itself, I was well off my 1 hour target for the 10k-ish course.  It had run as long as 6.4 miles but Rob told me before the start (as he was pointing out the trail highlights on the map) that a stretch of road in the second half was replaced with trails.  So it was "officially" a 6 mile course (though my GPS clocked in at closer to 6.3 miles).

My 1:04:15 finish was good for a 10:42 pace (1:22 over 6.2 miles :D). 

Here are the official results, on the race home page (but will probably be moved to the results page in a few days).

Here are the race photos, hosted on the Leatherman's Loop page.  (of which, my finishing photo was borrowed from :D).

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