Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016 Race Schedule

What a difference a year makes!  Last July kicked off with a patch over my eye (the second of my two cataract surgeries) - and a month that included little running and/or racing (except rallying to get in my 6th Escarpment Trail Run done at the end of that month).

This year again has Escarpment to cap off the month (7/31), but the big question mark is whether I get off the wait list for the Vermont 100 (which I foolishly added my name to following The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition last month).  I'm reminded of that... "be careful what you wish for - it may come true" little ditty!

Otherwise, the month kicks off tomorrow with the Norwalk 5 Miler.  The Putnam County Classic follows 2 days later on the 4th of July (volunteering there, not running it).  I haven't penciled anything in for the weekend of the 9th because if I get in to Vermont, will use it to get in my last long runs before the race.

But I hope to get up to FDR park on the 13th (Wednesday night) for the Beer Mile!  And again, post-Vermont, Wednesday night the 20th for the Masters Challenge.  That weekend will also bring up my NYRR Volunteer requirement at the Long Training Run on Saturday.  That same evening, will hopefully line up for the Broadway Ultra Society PJ Run (6 Hours).  A race I've yet to participate in since it always seemed to be scheduled the night before Escarpment!

The final weekend of the month, aside from Escarpment on Sunday, is the NYRR Men's Team 5 Miler on Saturday (#4 of my 9+1 for 2016).  Phew!  That's a lot for July...

Here's how it looks so far:

7/2 - Norwalk Summer Series 5 Miler
7/4 - Putnam County Classic 8 Miler (Volunteer)
7/13 - TRRC Beer Mile
7/16 - Vermont Endurance Run?
7/20 - Masters Challenge 5k
7/23 - NYRR Long Training Run (Volunteer)
7/23 - B.U.S. PJ Run (6 Hour)
7/30 - NYRR Men's 5 Mile Team Championship
7/31 - Escarpment Trail Run 30K

As always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

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