Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 NYRR Long Training Run: Volunteering


This is a great photo of our start/finish line crew posted by the NYRR!  It's at the start of the Long Training Run, just before we were assigned to the corrals. After the start, we moved over to the finish line up at the 102nd Street transverse.

Volunteering this morning satisfied my +1 for the 2017 NYC Marathon 9+1 requirements.  On the race side, I only have 3 done, and 3 more on deck over the next month.  With just 6 races going into the Fall, it's seems like the slowest pace to reach 9 done that I can remember.  But I should, as in prior years, work it out that the NYC Marathon comes in as race number 9 :D

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