Friday, May 22, 2009

green day concert in central park: photos, video and setlist

thanks to good morning america, central park hosted a concert by green day this morning! while concert might be an overstatement, from 7 until 9:15 rumsey playfield was all about green day. they played a 40 minute sound check(!), 30 minute set in the final hour of good morning america, and an extra 15 minutes after the show signed off (which included bringing a little girl on stage and then an audience member to sign part of "jesus of suburbia")!

excluding the soundcheck, green day played "know your enemy," "longview," "21st century breakdown," "american idiot," and then, after the sign off, tossed off "jesus of suburbia" to close their show.

here are some of the photos i took:

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Cory Greenwell said...

I posted a review of Green Day at Central Park also on my blog.

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