Saturday, May 17, 2008

rr: healthy kidney 10k

pre-race view from across the field.

after the below average chill, and rain, that we had yesterday, the dry conditions this morning were very welcome. i'd been in the park thurday night for the boy scout 5k (along with sal and emmy). i never did find sal this morning - either an indication of how large the field was today, or how poor my eyesight is. but i was surprised (if not shocked) when emmy found me! she'd told me on thursday night that she wouldn't run the 10k (but would run a local 5k sunday)!

before i ran into emmy, i met up with art, just outside the baggage check. he was part of the taconic m60-69 team. just after emmy found me, we ran into sue, who ran for "moving comfort." emmy had changed her mind about the 10k because it was a club points race and she was part of the taconic masters team. we would all meet up again after the race.

at the 2007 healthy kidney 10k, (having also done the boy scout 5k) i ran the course in 45:30, a 7:20 pace. this morning i would be happy to finish in under 50 minutes. here are my splits:

1. 7:32
2. 7:01 14:32
3. 7:30 22:02
5k 1:08 23:10
4. 6:57 30:07
5. 7:30 37:37
6. 7:44 45:21
10k 1:32 46:54

7:33 pace

after the race, i found emmy and sue (both of whom had finished well ahead of me). we said hi to tom, bob, art and the rest of the taconic masters team. then emmy and sue went out for a short cool down run, which i decided to skip. i ran into ruth, a fellow b.u.s. member, and watched the awards ceremony. then, when they got back, i hitched a ride back home with emmy. all in all, a great morning!

mary wittenberg and the race winners.

here are a few more race photos.

ny times had some coverage of the race in sunday's paper.


Cris said...

good job on the run. the humidity kept a lot of people at running their second best, I think.

you must have been standing very near me during the awards ceremony. (i've updated my blog post w/ photos if you want to compare).

peter said...

I was thinkin' about your sub-47 when I was running my 10K this morning, trying to hold off a runner I had formerly coached. Sub-48 was good enough but I only held her off by 18 seconds! All things must pass, she'll get me next time.