Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 norwalk mother's day 10k: race photos & results

it's seems like a long time since i've done back to back races on a given weekend.  this morning was the norwalk mother's day 10k on the heels of the healthy kidney 10k in central park yesterday.  without the oppressive humidity we had yesterday morning, the running conditions at calf pasture beach were beautiful! 

i had no real time goal in mind at the start - just hitting last year's 47:08 would have been fine.  i was incredibly surprised to run a 45:59 (unofficial) which not only bettered 2013 - but it was just 30 seconds off yesterday's finish!  that was good enough for second in my age group!

next up is the brooklyn half marathon next weekend.

i'll write up a race report for the pair of 10k's tomorrow.

here are the race results from hi-tek racing.

the rest of my photos are on facebook.
the great photo of the start is tony's :D

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