Wednesday, November 2, 2011

november 2011 race schedule

i got home yesterday afternoon (a half day sooner), after a change in flight plans necessitated by air france flight crews who staged a 5 day strike! ironically, i flew home on delta, an air france partner. enough said about that experience...

as for the races on deck for november... up first is the nyc marathon. it will be my 10th straight one. i love the event, and it's my favorite race at any distance. but my love for the nyrr has taken a serious hit in the wake of its arbitrary decision to severely cut back guaranteed entries. that rant will, gratefully, be put off to a future post :O

the following weekend i'm looking forward to the "after the leaves have fallen" 20k - a race i've had on my to do list for years, but could never enter because of conflicts. even now it conflict w/the "beachfront bushwack" - another fantastic race!

then, a new race (although it was run years ago as the achilles track club marathon) - the brooklyn marathon!! a marathon to call its own is certainly something brooklyn needs - to complement its already fantastic half :D while the inaugural race takes place completely within prospect park, future editions will hopefully find their way onto the streets of brooklyn.

for thanksgiving day itself, it's always a tough call.  the mid-hudson 25k is more in line with creating the proper calorie deficit for a turkey dinner.  but the gateway gobbler, and a challenging 6 mile course, is only 20 minutes away.  right now i'm opting for the 25k, but circmstances (like the weather) could keep me closer to home.

the last weekend of the month brings a volunteer switch.  for the last few years i've volunteered at the bedford turkey trot.  this year emmy is directing a 5k run for the greenwich alliance for education.  so i'll volunteer at that race this year.  while not technically a race, the next day todd will reprise his completion run on its anniversary.  that should be some excellent trail running in harriman state park :D

here's how it looks so far:

11/6 - nyc marathon
11/13 - after the leaves have fallen 20k
11/20 - brooklyn marathon
11/24 - mhrrc turkey trot, 25k
11/26 - greenwich alliance for education, 5k [volunteer]
11/27 - 2nd annual thanksgiving weekend trail run
as always, if you're at any of them, say hello!

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