Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 thanksgiving marathon races: photos

another fantastic weather day - in the middle of november! while it was pretty chilly getting up, by 9 it was in the 40's and sunny for the first anniversary of the holiday marathons at van cortlandt park. last year the thanksgiving marathon kicked off what quickly became a holiday tradion - free cross country trail races at varying distances (from 10k thru the marathon) - and just recently the addition of a 5k course.

but in a twist from last year, the long (6.55 mile loop) wasn't available - the parks department hadn't signed off on it.  instead we ran a 3.25 course that pretty much followed the traditional cross county route over the back hills.  instead of 1 loop for the 10k, it was 2 - and so on (with 8 loops making up the marathon).  the 5k distance was 2 loops of the parade grounds.

even with the course alteration it was still a great time.  like last year, i only ran the 10k - and had to rush home to start work on our thanksgiving day dinner :D

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