Monday, June 27, 2011

group run at rockefeller state park

it's been a long time since i ran at rockefeller state park ("rockies") - almost 10 years, in fact (back in my old wtc training days). but if yesterday's group run was any indication, i may have to reconsider whether to drive out there for a few more weekend long runs.

anthony led a group of us (emmy, cherie, micah, hiroshi, peter, and me) out on the trails just after 7 and after 10 miles we met up with joe's group (supplemented with a few runners from the bronx running company) at the sleepy hollow high school parking lot. in a pleasant surprise, before we met up w/joe's group, we ran into yuki (sans hiro) on the trails!

joe's group, taking it out at a faster pace, didn't run too much w/us. as it went, i got in just 19 miles, plenty for me - but the fewest miles in our group :D


JoeGarland said...

Bronxville Running Company. I'm surprised that you haven't been up there in so long.

rundangerously said...

not since 03/04? despite the proximity, it's not an easy drive for me - especially the trip back!