Sunday, June 19, 2011

mount greylock trail races: race photos and results

today rob, emmy and i drove up to adams, ma, and ran the mount greylock trail half marathon. it was a long (3+ hour) drive, but well worth the effort. it was a fantastic race - which began with a 3 mile climb (2,500+ feet of vertical ascent) to reach the summit of mt. greylock, followed by 10 miles of trail run to return to the base of the mountain. it was a great way to spend father's day :D i ran a 2:52:38 over the 13.5 miles.

i'll will write up a race report. here are the race results from wmac.


shannon said...

Holy elevation - 2500 vertical feet of climb in 3 miles?!
That definitely had to be challenging but probably well worth the views. :)

rundangerously said...

crazy! and at the escarpment trail run, it kicks off off w/a 3+ mile climb up to windham peak!