Monday, June 6, 2011

new york running show podcast: memorial day & vermont city marathons, celebrate israel run, and freihofer's 5k

last night's new york running show, episode #33, covered the memorial day and vermont city marathons, the celebrate israel run, and the freihofer's run for women 5k. with only joe, ari, and i on the show, we didn't actually have a participant in the women's only 5k - but joe was a volunteer at the race and gave us his perspective :D

joe also gave us his take on the memorial day marathon races at van cortlandt park last weekend - the latest instalment of the holiday marathon series. ari covered his race at vermont city last weekend. and ari and i both talked about the celebrate israel run. good stuff!

listen to, or download, it here at talkshoe.

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